Website Design For Maximum Effectiveness + Profitability


Mediatrenz offers you a professional website that enables you to do a lot of business. We will build you a website that gives you

  • High visibility on the internet – Will the right people find the site? Will it feature prominently on search engine results pages?
  • Increased traffic from targeted visitors – Is the site attractive and useful enough to retain their attention and keep them coming back?
  • High rate of conversion – Is it easy to use and will visitors actually spend money?

Mediatrenz is very successful at building effective websites because our design and development team has a great deal of experience in this field. There are many different things that go into the making of a great website. We are very successful at designing websites because our team consists of graphic designers, content creators and online marketers who work together to create a site. Mediatrenz can be of great help to you because we work with you to achieve your business aims.

The websites that we create are not just good looking but they are also able to result in increased business; in other words, we always ensure that they are attractive and useful. Our designers can build sites on HTML, XHTML, XML, Flash, Java or AJAX, just to name a few. We use the latest tools to ensure that your site is easy to locate and to use.


It is a well-known fact that you need to use your company logo on any material you publish, including your website. Mediatrenz will create the perfect logo for your company; one that is attractive, easy to remember and preferably has some connection with your line of business. Having the right logo is necessary for brand building and therefore it is very important for your business. Our design team will study your business very carefully before working out a few design concepts that you could choose from. Our design team is known for its creativity and the logos that we make will definitely help build your brand identity.


Brochure Designing
Mediatrenz will design attractive corporate brochures that will enable you to grab and retain the attention of your target market. These brochures can be printed out for mailing or handing out or else they can be sent by email. Either way, we ensure that they have the right combination of attractive pictures and catchy text that will enable you to get your message across to existing and potential customers.


Flash Website Designing


We can build you a Flash website in case there is need to feature animation, interactive movies and the like on the site. This makes for a very attractive viewing experience and is especially effective at grabbing the attention of viewers; therefore Flash is often used in sites designed to sell music, photography, games etc. If you feature banner advertisements on your site then Flash is a very good option since it has a very high click-through rate. We ensure that Flash is used in the most effective manner and that its drawbacks can be overcome. Flash websites created by us are very easy and quick to load.


Static Website Designing
This is a very cost effective option since it can be developed quickly and easily. However, we ensure that the site has the right kind of content; it will attract the right kind of visitors and there will be plenty of interesting and useful content for them to use. Even though the site will not have many fancy features, we ensure that the high quality content will bring visitors back to it again and again.


Dynamic Website Design

We will build a dynamic website for you in case you wish to update the information on it very frequently. These sites tend to feature very high on search engine results pages since their content changes very often and there is a lot of activity on them. Visitors tend to prefer these sites, especially if they need to interact with the site or with its other users.


E-commerce Website Design
Mediatrenz is very successful at designing e-commerce sites which have many attractive features. Our sites have a very high degree of functionality; you’ll find that your visitors prefer to do business on your sites. We ensure that the site is customized to suit the needs of your business. We will build the perfect site for you whether you have one product to sell or a whole lot more.


Mediatrenz for professionally designed websites
All the websites created by us have a professional look that reflects the nature of your business. Our services are very affordable, given that we provide you with personalized attention throughout the website design process. We stick to deadlines and ensure that your website enhances your business tremendously. Get in touch with us to redesign your existing site or create a brand new one.
I am very impress with Mediatrenz work process, it's was nice working with Mediatrenz Guys